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Bryce Cole began his career at Englewood Camera in 2001, taking on the role of Store Manager. He???s an expert on used equipment, vintage cameras, and all things digital. Bryce became interested in photography when he went moved to California to attend Humboldt State University for his Bachelors. Though he majored in Natural Resources Planning and Implementation, Bryce started making pictures with an Olympus OM-2S at the same time.


Bryce enjoys taking pictures of his two daughters, as well as intimate landscape, on his trusted Olympus OM-D E-M1. He also uses a Sony RX100 Mark II, and his favorite lens is the Olympus M Zuiko ED 12mm f/2.







Erin Brinkley-Burgardt started at Englewood Camera in 2005, and has been the Operations Manager for the past seven years. Erin graduated with a BFA in Photography from the University of Colorado ??? Denver, and currently uses a Hasselblad 503CX, Leica M6, and Canon EOS 5D Mark II.


She enjoys traveling, spending time with her husband and pet pigs, and loves photographing people, pets, and urban landscape. Erin is currently obtaining an MS in Business Management from Colorado State University. See more of Erin???s work at http://www.erinbrinkley.com.

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Chris Augliera has worked at Englewood Camera since 2006 as a Photo Lab Technician. Chris has been shooting with Nikon and medium format equipment for more than 20 years.


His favorite camera is a Nikon F3T, and favorite lens a Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 VC. Chris has spent years traveling Colorado extensively, and his top picks for subject matter include landscape, wildlife, macro work, and ghost towns. He currently works with a Nikon D7100 and wide variety of Nikkor lenses. In the past, his other go-to camera was a Pentax 6x7.


Most days, you???ll find Chris at our photofinishing lab, but he does enjoy working at the store on Saturdays. Come down to pick his brain on great landscape locations here in Colorado, or on anything Nikon or medium format.



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James Lundhagen started working at Englewood Camera in 2006, while working on an Associate???s in Photography at the Art Institute. He currently manages the eBay online store as well as handling sales and customer service. James enjoys landscape, action sports, and night, and macro photography, and is an expert in time lapse photography.


He began his photographic career on a Minolta XG7, and has also used large and medium format cameras. Currently, James??? go-to system is a Canon EOS 6D with the EF 24-70mm f/2.8L lens, but he also works with a Canon EOS 7D and variety of film cameras.


He enjoys traveling to new destinations with his best buddy, Bogey, the adorable four-legged mascot of Englewood Camera. See more of James??? work at http://www.jclphoto.net.


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Andy Piper joined Englewood Camera in 2011 as a salesman, after years of being a regular customer. He has been involved with photography for 40+ years, and is a graduate of both Southern Illinois University (Bachelors) and Ohio University (Masters).


His first camera was a Canon FX SLR, but he has worked with just about every format and system out there! Currently, Andy enjoys shooting a Leica M9, and his favorite lens is an Elmarit 21mm f/2.8. Andy is interested primarily in people and news events, and maintains an online magazine, Colorado Seen, in his free time; check it out at http://www.coloradoseen.com.

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Kyle Cooper started at Englewood Camera in 2014 as a salesman and our social media specialist for Twitter and Instagram. Originally from Las Vegas, NV, Kyle graduated from Colorado Mesa University in 2012 with a BA in Communications and relocated to Denver in 2014.


He currently shoots with a Sony A7s and a Nikon DSLR system, and specializes in concert photography, night photography, and portraits. His latest photography endeavors have been with 35mm and medium format film.


Kyle enjoys spending time with his adorable boxer, Jeffery, drinking craft brews and exploring new areas in Colorado. Check out more of Kyle???s photography at http://www.kylecooperphoto.com






Scott Buchholz started at Englewood Camera in 2013 after serving for six years as a photojournalist in the U.S. Navy. He primarily worked in the manual arts until he turn 16 and was given a Minolta X-370 to use on a trip in 1997. Afterward, photography was Scott???s medium of choice and led him to pursue a B.F.A at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where he graduated in 2004. Over the years, Scott has photographed with a variety of cameras including Minoltas, Voigtl??nder Bessas, Zeiss Ikon, as well as digital Canons and Nikons. Scott???s current go-to camera is the Canon 7D with an EFS 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 lens for shooting street photography and landscapes while traveling and hiking with his wife.

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Brandy Brown joined Englewood Camera in 2004 as a Photo Lab Technician, and has been the Lab Manager for the past seven years.

Brandy specializes in photo printing, restoration, and film/print scanning using Adobe Photoshop CC.


She became interested in photography after taking a journalism class in high school. Her first camera was a Pentax K1000, but her favorite camera is a Mamiya C330 Twin Lens Reflex.


Brandy enjoys photographing abandoned houses, and in her free time dabbles in painting and pottery.


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Meg O???Neill  began her part-time career at Englewood Camera in 2014 as a sales associate after moving to Denver from Las Vegas. Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Meg has traveled all over North America, the Caribbean, and Europe studying different cultures through the lens. She is in love with photography???s ability to convey experience, connecting people from different cultures and backgrounds to common emotions found throughout humanity.


 It is Meg???s hope to use photography as a way of helping those whose human rights have been violated. In 2013, Meg O???Neill graduated with her BA in Art from The University of the South: Sewanee in Tennessee. Although she takes her camera everywhere, Meg also has other strong interests in dance, yoga, climbing, hiking, camping, and painting. See more of Meg???s work at http://www.megoneillphotography.wordpress.com




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