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"I discovered Englewood Camera after being unsatisfied with the level of customer service & staff photography knowledge at other larger stores. I came across their Yelp reviews, and after reading all the positive reviews, made the drive down. Since then, Englewood Camera has become my local camera shop. I have purchased additional lenses, to off camera speedlites, amongst other accessories from them. Their service is the best! Erin has helped me trouble shoot wireless sync issues to help me better understand my equipment. You cannot get this level of service online. All the staff are experienced photographers themselves. I recommend everyone I know to Englewood Camera! Nothing beats their small business service."

??? JC Buck


???I have been a customer of Englewood Camera for several years now. Englewood has so much to offer every photographer, whether Pro or Amateur. They carry lots of new and used Canon, Fuji and Olympus products. They also have a great selection of Nikon Used Equipment. I enjoy every time I go into Englewood camera, Bryce, Erin, James and the rest of the staff are continuously helpful. If I am looking for a new camera, lens, studio gear or film, I always go here first. The staff takes time to get to know you and makes recommendations based on your needs. These guys are a modern version of timeless camera shops of old. They know my name and I always feel at home when I am there.???

???Ben Smith


???I stood on the platform at the back of the Polar Rover and watched the bear looking up at me. My camera was ready and I was prepared to write the story of my trip in pictures. I've been a loyal Englewood Camera fan for the last five years. The timeframe would be much longer, but I wasn't aware the store existed before then. Just think how much better my skills would be if I had known. Staff members have assisted me in evaluating equipment, provided classes to help improve my skills and have answered my questions until I fully understand. I'm a travel bug that loves photography. I always know when I leave for a trip that I'm prepared to capture every moment. I can't speak highly enough about the service and yes, the friendship, provided by the staff members. When people ask me about photography and how to get started, I send them to Englewood Camera. That's the best advice I can give anyone. Just do it. You'll thank me later.???

???Jennifer Steck



???As far as I'm concerned Englewood Camera is the only camera store in the Denver metro area. I love the variety of cameras that they have from medium format film to retro style digital rangefinders. They work with you on trade-ins and have found myself in there on numerous occasions just talking shop and hanging out with the employees. There is no place I would go other than Englewood Camera.???

???Preston Utley






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