photo restoration & retouching

Bring in your old family photos for professional digital restoration!

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photo restoration & retouching services

Bring in your old family photos for professional digital restoration!

Whether you have old negatives or slides, original artwork, or prints, Englewood Camera is the place to go for high-quality digital scans!

 We will scan your image to an archival CD, and can also make reprints from those scans.

The expert lab technicians at Englewood Camera will create a high-resolution digital image and will match your original images as close as possible in reproduction.

It's never a bad idea to archive your images! Bring in one at a time or a whole shoebox full!

Englewood Camera will get you taken care of!


price list

$4.99 minimum scanning charge for prints, negatives and mounted slides.

Print Size to Scan

Photos up to 4x6"

Photos up to 8x12"

Photos up to 13x19"

Photos up to 16x20"

Photos greater than 16"

Medium format and odd-size negatives

35mm negatives

Mounted 35mm slides (standard resolution)

Mounted 35mm slides (high resolution)

Price per Scan










turnaround times

Typical turn around time is about one week; faster for simple projects, a bit longer for bigger ones.

Please call 303-795-2400 for more information or bring in your photograph for a quote. We are happy to help!

Please allow 3-7 business days for restoration orders.

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Restoration Services

Based on $65 per hour; subject to price adjustments

Includes removal of small scratches or spots, color correction, and cropping

Includes fixing small tears, large scratches, and major color corrections

Includes fixing large tears, water damage removal, and removing/adding people or objects

Includes adding text, custom borders, resizing images, etc

price (each)


Minimum - $10.00

Minor - $30.00

Major - $79.00

Custom Setup Fee - $25.00

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