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9/7/2017  Yelp

" Best place for passports. This place rocks! We were in a hurry and they were able to get all 3 of our passport photos in less than fifteen minutes. They are cheaper than Walgreens and faster as Walgreens takes a hour.

Cute camera equipment place with backpacks available for sell. They have everything here that involves photography.

Highly recommend. "

9/17/2016  Google

" I love this place. The staff is very knowledgeable and will go out of their way to help you. They cycle through used inventory quite a bit and will always come across a lens you are looking for. Overall Englewood Camera is the best shop to go to for used camera gear and new accessories. "

9/20/2017  Yelp

" I found Englewood Camera via Yelp and the 5 star ratings were 100% accurate. The team there is friendly, patient and helpful. Found a great used Nikon at a fair price, even cheaper than online. After a few days I felt like I'd made a mistake and wanted to switch to Canon. Took the Nikon back and they found me a perfect Canon and made the switch with no problem. I'm grateful for their expertise, selection and great service. Highly, highly recommend it. "

8/27/2017  Yelp

" The folks at Englewood Camera went out of their way to keep solar filter materials in stock prior to the eclipse, in spite of heavy demand. I bought a filter from them less than a week before the eclipse, consisting of a sheet of reflective solar film which one of the staff members cut into a circle and fitted into a step ring.  It worked great! "

7/18/2017  Yelp

" Still a favorite place to stop in. They have a great selection of cameras and accessories. Staff and owner are great. Small independent camera stores are rare. This one is wonderful! "

2/28/2018  Google

" Awesome store! These guys are very helpful when it comes to purchasing cameras and camera equipment. They are patient, and let you try out used gear in the store before you make a decision to buy. The used gear there is all in great condition, with most of it warrantied. I can't recommend this shop enough. I'll definitely be back in the future! "

5/17/2017  Yelp

" I've been getting my film developed and scanned at this place for a little over a year, occasionally buying used gear too. Really good results overall. It's lucky to have somewhere in town that's a resource for film photography. They have a smartly curated selection of old cameras, the really good ones. The prices are good. They are helpful but never to the point of pestering you. They're nice people.

Also, they have Dropbox service on film scans, and the standard resolution is large enough that you can see the details and check the sharpness. "